Lithophane is a custom-made image that is visible when exposed to light. The basic material is ordinary plastic. It is possible to make it with several frames. An image, drawing, graphic can also be converted into a lithophane image.

  How does the magic happen that causes the image to appear? The answer is very simple! Plastic is made up of thinner and thicker layers, so when enough light is exposed, the thinner layers shine more strongly, while the thicker layers shine less.

A profile picture made with the basics of the lithophane technique. The image on the left shows the printed image itself without exposure. On the right is the image that is lit by the right amount of light.

    The white analogy of the previous one is also made of beige filament. The color can be any, as it does not determine the quality of the image, but the thinness and thickness of the layers.

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