Many times I have made videos. At the beginning I did not realise that my videos quality are lower than it can be. What is it mean? When I playbacked the previously recorded videos, I found that the camera was shaking and moving. This make the quality lower. As a solution, I need to use a tripod, but for me creativity is very important and the tripods, which are in the shops, are too expensive because I won’t take the advantage of it. So, I decided to make it with my 3D printer. 

As the tripod has many parts, it requires a high knowledge and abilities of printing and assembling. Now, see which are the parts of this equipment.
The list of the parts are very big, because we have screws, holder parts and also legs. Interestingly, there are no metal, everything is made from plastic. As it contains screws, we can use 3 levels of hight and we can overthrow the telephone too, so this helps during the work.

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