3D printing

Imagine it, dream it and we implement it for You!

My website was created to public and share my products and experiences. The products are made of a special material (PLA or Polylactic acid) are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The printed products, which I make as a decoration, have different colors, sizes. The technology, which I use, is not widespread here, but I see the challenges in it. 

           The all production starts with the computer graphics planning or drawing. After, I need to make the G-Code file, because the 3D printer use it to controll all the production. 

       All my products can be find under the “my products” button. 

                    Working padlock

In this post I share an antique padlock. It is unique because it has a beautiful design on the top of the padlock. I payed attention to create a working mechanism for this lock. This lock system is so simple but very clever because it has just one part, which locks the padlock. 

Because 3D printing is not very popular and it is very new here, I made my own blog, where You can read more about this technique and learn the pros and cons too.

My products and prints are available under the ''products'' menu. You can check them. Everything is sorted by category for better transparency, so You can find, which are interesting You.

        One image shows an almost unrecognizable shape, and a little light shows the black-and-white image. What’s the trick in it? Simple. Plastic is made up of thinner and thicker layers, so when enough light is exposed, the thinner layers shine more strongly, while the thicker layers shine less. More curiosities about the lithophane images can be accessed by clicking the button below.

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